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Sonic Interactive evo laptime data from WTAC, Eastern Creek

Eastern Creek Laptime data analysis from World Time Attack Challenge

Following is a comparison of 3 quick laps from the WTAC at Eastern Creek. The 1.41.7 lap (red line) is my current PB time at Eastern Creek. I have also overlaid two other laps – a 1.41.8 and a 1.41.9 which were done one after the other in a different session to the 1.41.7 lap. […]

sun cyberevo

Sonic Evo performs well at the World Time Attack Challenge

The World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) over the weekend lived up to the hype! With about 10,000 spectators, it rivalled a V8 supercar race meeting! There were some amazing machines competing, including teams from the US and Japan. Two of the quickest evos in the world competed, the Sun Cyberevo and the Sierra Sierra Enterprises […]