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WTAC 2011

World Time Attack Challenge 2011 – The Sonic Evo Campaign

The 2011 World Time Attack Challenge aka Superlap was a fantastic event, hands down the best time attack event i have ever competed in to date. The quickest and most amazing cars from around Australia and the world converged on Sydney’s Eastern Creek Raceway for 2 full days of motorsport.

Driving Eastern Creek in the pouring rain

Did a supersprint at Eastern Creek on Saturday 16/4/11, in atrocious weather. A really good learning experience in car balance and throttle control. Very scary at times but I managed to keep it on the track and nab 2nd place outright out of 87 starters… 1st place was an ex v8 supercar driver in a […]

Sonic Evo goes toe to toe with some serious machinery at the Eastern Creek irace round, netting some great results

What an amazing experience!! This was my debut ‘door to door’ race… the racing was nose to tail at 150 clicks! The feeling is difficult to explain and the experience of racing other cars within inches at speed is something else. Definitely in a different realm compared to standard time attack events. I entered in […]

Sonic Interactive evo laptime data from WTAC, Eastern Creek

Eastern Creek Laptime data analysis from World Time Attack Challenge

Following is a comparison of 3 quick laps from the WTAC at Eastern Creek. The 1.41.7 lap (red line) is my current PB time at Eastern Creek. I have also overlaid two other laps – a 1.41.8 and a 1.41.9 which were done one after the other in a different session to the 1.41.7 lap. […]

Eastern Creek Lap time data

Here is the Performance Box dbox data for a 1.42.1 lap of Eastern Creek.

Sonic Interactive Evo 9

Evo signage looks great and the car sets a blistering time in testing

The signage turned out amazing, the car looks fantastic. In addition Michael has smashed his PB time at Eastern creek by an astounding 3.5 seconds. The test at Eastern Creek today was fantastic, the rim and tyre combo is awesome, the grip out of corners is like nothing i’ve felt. The Yokohama A050’s are a […]