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DIY racecar splitter

How to make a carbon fibre racecar splitter

The black art of aero has to be one of the most misunderstood, yet best bang for buck car modifications around. As such i decided to get handy and build a front splitter for the evo. My car lacked any type of front undertray, even the oem undertray was missing so i couldn’t help but […]

Some of the fabricated items in the race car

Took some pics of some of the recent fabricated stuff, the car is looking very schmick, like a factory team car, Dashsport have done a fantastic job with the prep:

Sonic Evo roll cage installation, getting ready for debut door to door race

Well a lot has happened since the last post! Since the WTAC the car has undergone massive improvements with a full Custom Cages (UK) roll cage install which was only completed last week. Currently my mechanic is in the throes of re-installing the dashboard plus all safety items – 6 point harness, internal/external safety killswitches, […]

Sonic Interactive Evo 9

Evo signage looks great and the car sets a blistering time in testing

The signage turned out amazing, the car looks fantastic. In addition Michael has smashed his PB time at Eastern creek by an astounding 3.5 seconds. The test at Eastern Creek today was fantastic, the rim and tyre combo is awesome, the grip out of corners is like nothing i’ve felt. The Yokohama A050’s are a […]

Livery design mockups complete, the car is off to the sign shop next week

Signage has now been finalised and is scheduled to be done this week or the week after, once the guards are flared. Sonja has done a fantastic job with the signage, I’m very happy with it. The grey rectangles on the rear flanks are for minor sponsors: Vsport / OTR Motorsports / Kincumber Tyrepower.

Sonic Evo 9 GT – Specifications


Last viewing of the naked evo, including bright fluro orange rims

I put the new A050 semis on the rims today and whacked them on the car to see what it looks like. This is the last time I’ll see the car before it’s got the guards flared and the new signage. The rims are 18×9.5 +22 offset running 265/35/18 A050 semi slicks.