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AASA NSW State Championships

The AASA NSW State champs were held on the weekend of June 1st and 2nd 2013. The excels were treated to practice, qualifying and 5 races, a huge weekend of racing.

We experienced every possible weather combination over the weekend which was to test all drivers. 8 excel competitors fronted up to the round which was to provide some great battles.

The excels were once again mixed in with the Pulsars which was to add an extra dimension to the racing, the excels actually fared better than the Pulsars in the wet conditions.



Qualifying: I qualified 3rd on the grid with a PB of 1.19.4 which i was happy about. The rebuilt engine certainly helping, however times were down across the field. We are all getting used to throwing these things around the track!.


Race 1: Overcast and dry. Had a good battle with John Gill for a few laps and finished 4th. I was a couple of tenths off the pace but nothing that couldn’t be sorted once i settled into it.


Race 2: The rain came out and slowed everybody down by over 12 seconds a lap, it was very wet and slippery and the first time we’d driven the excels in the rain. Whilst chasing down John Gill on the last lap i aquaplaned on the Turn 7 sweeper and had a slow rotation whilst staying on the track. Adam Hughes took advantage and managed to just get past before the Turn 8 hairpin and then played a slow block on the T12 corner onto the straight thus slowing my momentum and ensuring i wouldn’t get past him on the final lap. I was cursing myself for the spin!


Race 3: I have never raced in such appalling conditions, it was seriously dangerous, the rain was torrential and it was near impossible to see through the windscreen. I was going ok until i aquaplaned off at the fish hook mid way thru the race, it took over 20 seconds to get back on the track the ground was so water logged. I recovered to finish 6th in this race. The footage tells the story, it’s a race i’d rather forget!


Race 4: The rain had stopped but the track was wet. The race was a reverse grid and whilst hunting down Glenn Smith he spun on T4 and gifted me the position. I finished a very respectable 3rd in this race to redeem myself for the previous two races’ results. I was feeling better about my AASA campaign.

Race 5: This has to be the most enjoyable race so far for me. The weather was sunny but the track had a few wet patches. I got touched up in T1 by a Pulsar and then nearly turned around by an Excel but managed to keep it straight and keep the boot in to not lose any ground. Glenn Smith and i had a red hot battle the entire race and i managed to pass him a couple of laps from the end. A fantastic race, door handle to door handle the entire race. I was coming third until the last lap when up ahead Nathan Gotch punted Ian Kegg off the track so i ended up 2nd which was my best race result to date. Unfortunately my camera decided to run out of space on the grid but here is the footage from Glenn’s car:


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