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Out of the Evo into the Excel

You could call it a downgrade, i call it an interlude and a bit of cheap honest fun…

My wife just gave birth to our third child, we’re building a new business that’s consuming wads of cash so the evo is up for sale. Problem is i still need a motorsport hit, so what to do?

Enter the NSW Excel Racing Championship Series (NSWERCS)! See

This is a new series in NSW that has been modelled on a successful formula in QLD. The QLD series regularly sees 25 cars on the grid so this isn’t a flash in the pan series, NSW has serious potential. The series is all about cheap racing, pure and simple. It’s open to seasoned campaigners and newbies who have never driven a car on track, let alone raced.

I decided to get involved from the outset because, frankly i am over lap sprints and want to go racing door to door more often and not risk a sixty thousand dollar machine. The NSW Excel championship started to get legs in late 2012 with a view to racing 7 rounds in 2013. I had to hop on board however there was a problem, with the Evo taking up garage space i didn’t have the room to store another race car.

A mate named Ross Street came to the rescue. Ross is super keen on the series and was building an Excel in QLD. I’d known ross and his Dad John for a number of years being in the same car club and the Streets are quite avid racing nuts. Next thing i know we’re doing a deal for me to race Ross’ car and basically run it from the first round onwards. A win-win situation!

So from there the build began with Ross prepping the car with the basics… Racing Excel
She started off a little worse for wear having been flogged around rallycross tracks up in QLD for a couple of years

In the garage ready for some attention. Racing Excel
New control item Pedders shocks ready to go in Racing Excel
Some Goodies to whip the Excel into shape Racing Excel
Some new Bobby Jane spec Wheels. Roofracks for extra downforce! Racing Excel
Dry ice to get the sound deadener up Racing Excel
Scraping up the sound deadener, a breeze using dry ice Racing Excel
All up it weighed 10kg! Racing Excel
the interior prepped and ready for painting Racing Excel
A few pressure packs of charcoal grey and the car is looking pretty tidy! Racing Excel
Battery relocated to the boot Racing Excel
The AGI safety cage ready for installation Racing Excel
The new AGI cage is in and the car looks schmick Racing Excel
The new AGI cage is in and the car looks schmick

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