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March Supersprint Weekend – Part 1

The weekend of the 10th and 11th of March 2012 saw the Sonic evo campaign 2 supersprints on the trot at Wakefield Park Raceway, the 10/3/12 was a NSW Porsche Club supersprint, the 11/3/12 an Interclub supersrpint run by the NSW WRX club. I went with one goal, to get a PB!

Part 1 – NSW Porsche Club Supersprint

The Porsche club supersprint was fun with a number of serious Cup cars in attendance. The track was not in the best condition, with standing water on various sections after the previous week’s torrential downpour and subsequent floods in the area. As a result T2 had standing water all day, slowing laptimes considerably. The weather however was uncharacteristically perfect, with sunny clear skies all day, actually it was quite hot with the track temp up around the mid forties celsius just after midday.

The Porsche CupS of Bruce Hibbard set the pace early and ended up fastest of the day with a 1.02 flat. The CupS was the old car David Wall, now a V8 supercar driver, campaigned in the Australian GT Championship a couple of years back so it was a well sorted thing and Bruce had his sights on a 1.02 from the outset, well deserved as he put in a number of solid laps in the 1.02s by the end of the day.

Bruce Hibbard in the GT3 CupS. Photo by Tilt Saul
Porsche supersprint - Wakefield Park 10/3/12

Next fastest was the newly rebuilt 996 GT3 RSR of Richard Perini which just got faster as the day wore on, ending with a 1.03.1. This same car was my nemesis in the last Porsche club supersprint i competed at 18 months earlier where he pipped me then by half a second, there is a write up of that event here:

Richard Perini in his 996 RSR. Photo by Tilt Saul
Porsche supersprint - Wakefield Park 10/3/12

This time though, Richard had me by a full second by the end of the day so there was no chance to catch him, some new slicks definitely helping him form the gap but he drove the car well and i must concede an honest defeat! Next time Richard is toast!

I had a good dice with Indiran Padayachee in his newly acquired 997 cup car which really looked great. I had him behind me all day by a few tenths until the final session when he pulled out a lap one tenth quicker to take 3rd place. I had my heart set on throwing everything i had into it for the final session only for the announcement to come over the louspeaker that there were no more timed sessions! Arggh, the disappointment! I must admit though, by this stage my 2nd hand cup car slicks were a bit worse for wear and they still had a full supersprint to go the next day so it was probably a blessing in disguise. I had to settle for 4th spot behind the 3 thoroughbred GT3 racecars, all in all not a bad day’s work for a modest evo9! Competing with the Porsches really adds a lot of excitement to a supersprint, after all these cars are worth 2-3 times what the evo is worth and they are my dream car so to give them a good run for their money is very satisfying.

Indiran in his great looking 997 cup car. Photo by Tilt Saul.
Porsche supersprint - Wakefield Park 10/3/12

In the end i had to settle on a 1.04.2 which was a good half a second slower than my previous PB but i took solace in the fact the track wasn’t in the best condition.

Results and times for the day can be found here:
Don’t let the typo of Indiran Padayachee’s driving a ‘Boxster s’ fool you, he was in a beautiful 997 cup car and it flew!

Photo by Tilt Saul.
Porsche supersprint - Wakefield Park 10/3/12

Photo by Blake Jones.
Porsche supersprint - Wakefield Park 10/3/12

11 Responses to “March Supersprint Weekend – Part 1”

  1. Patrick says:

    Nice write up and pics Michael. Been watching your progress for a few years at the Porsche club events and others.
    Shame not to mention the car that came 5th being a totally road going 944 turbo with full leather interior, a/c, heating, music etc that is the daily driver of Sean Buchanan. Doing a 1:048 in a ddriver without cage etc is worth a mention. Hope to come up against you in my own 944 too. 😉

    • Michael says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Sorry mate you’re right i should have mentioned that 944, damn that thing was quick and well sorted. He left me for dead on the straight!

      He did a smoking time of 1.04.8 in that car!


  2. Patrick says:

    Hi Michael

    Ha, no problem. I’m just sticking up for my mate and our cars. They kind of get pushed into the background a little bit.

    Thought I saw your car the other day. Were you at the practice day for the NSW race event at Eastern Creek on Fri 30th March? We were there for the first shakedown of my car. Had electronic sync error glitch for most of the day so only managed a couple of laps.

    Hope to catch up one of these days. Maybe the next Porsche sprints at W.P. 2nd June.


    • Michael says:

      Yep i was there on Friday for practice prior to the NSW Motor Racing championship round 1 which was on Sat/sun. I thought i saw a 944 out there on track!

  3. Patrick says:

    But you didn’t actually run in the NSW MRChamps did you? What’s your best time around E Ck full track? Have you done the new North track yet? What’s a good time around there? Doing it April 21st for the NSW SuperSprints. Do you run in that comp?

    • Michael says:

      Yeah i did but missed qualifying and race 1 due to a blown turbo. I made it to races 2 and 3 the next day:

      I’m going to do a write up when i get time.

      1.40.06 is my PB around EC full track, i did that at WTAC last year on R specs. the other week at the NSW MR champs i was on old Porsche slicks but with the car having problems there was no chance of a PB.

      I have run the North track in a ‘V8 race’ car but not in my own car. It’s a pure horsepower track, i found it very boring to be honest.

      As far as super sprints go, i don’t often run in them anymore, i do a couple of sprints such as the Evonationals and the odd Porsche club or SSCC day but i’m more into door to door nowadays.

  4. Patrick says:

    Ok, that gives me some reference. We did a 1:43 but that was literally with less than 10 laps in the new car.
    Unfortunately the next time out in the car was on the North track and it ended in disaster for me. Very much feeling the car out and it was pretty twitchy. Still not sure what was the cause but it will be a while before we’re out there again. 🙁

  5. Michael says:

    Patrick your car is a missle on the straight. Man so sorry to see that footage, it’s what we all fear getting out of shape at 180km/hr+ on Turn one. At least you’re OK though.

    Did you tap the brakes in the corner? Or maybe it was just pronounced lift off oversteer? The car just looked like the back snapped around on the exit. At that speed it would happen very quick and be very hard to gather up.

    Hope you recover and get back out there.

  6. Patrick says:


    Not only was it quite a long and expensive journey to get it back onto the track since 2010, then to have this happen 1st real time back is just a bit depressing. To add, due to time issues we haven’t been working on it since and in the 2 weeks soooo much speculation has arisen on various forums let alone constantly flying around in my head…arrgghh!

    I’m hoping we can get back onto it soon and find out firstly if it’s worth repairing (which initial views looked like it) but also obviously to see if there is any obvious reason. At this stage there are many contenders and tbh I think it may be a bit of a combo. Fluids on track, cold tyres, no/little rear downforce, too stiff springs, not enough droop in rear shocks, bumpy and fast part of track, 16kmh faster than previous lap, rusty driver etc…

    Here’s a bit of video my builder (Paul McKinnon) put together of him driving it on the same day. He is a very good steerer and gets into a flow more than I did.

    I did tap the brakes a bit but it was getting pretty deep into 6th gear (240kmh) and I also used 20% throttle a bit early…so, take your pick. Anyway…onwards and upwards! There is a lot more to come out of the car. Once we get the big wing on the rear it should help enormously…oh and there’s a proper race engine with about another 200hp due…not sure that I need all that extra power though!

    I was watching some vid’s of Nik Kallis’ car. That’s a bit of a quick thing. How much different is it to your car Michael? What gearbox, clutch would he have? Seems to be almost like a sequential but I think that’s the way he shifts. Man these Evos are just unbeatable around corners. All that ‘Push me-Pull you’ action going on. Very convincing!

    • Michael says:

      Interesting Patrick, yes i’d imagine it would be difficult to get back on the horse in your situation but hopefully you do.

      Nik’s car is a completely different beast to mine, his car is full time attack spec whereas mine is really production car spec with a stock motor just running bigger boost and wider rubber. Nik is running a dog box, an extra 100+kw, more aero incl under body aero. I believe his car is undergoing a major revamp for this year’s WTAC so should be quicker again!

      I have no real plans to modify my car any further at this point as i’m moving away from time attack and supersprints and really in the world of door to door there is no state or national cetagory for a heavily modifed AWD car other than Sports sedans – and it would be a hell of a lot cheaper to buy and run a bona fide sports sedan rather than an evo in that category.

      My car is completely outgunned in sports sedans though, however if they get some more cars in division B it might be worthwhile staying around there. To be honest i will likely end up de-modifying my car in due course and run it in production touring at a state level where i would be a lot more competitive and be running against other evos and AWD cars that would also open up the option of doing enduros etc like the Bathurst 12hr and Eastern Creek 6hr.

  7. Patrick says:

    Thought I saw you in a Sports Sedan race at the Creek just recently Michael? So are you having 2nd thoughts about modifying your car or just having a fun run? I have contemplated doing some door to door. Guess I was thinking that accidents are far more likely to happen in this format than Sprinting…guessed wrong! How do you find the cut and thrust of it?