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March supersprint Weekend – Part 2

This is Part #2 of my supersprint weekend. Part #1 can be read here.

Part 2 – Interclub Supersprint

Sunday was going to be my day, i was praying the rain would stay away to ensure i could scrub in a fresh set of Hankook semislicks and hopefully have a crack at that elusive PB. The previous day i had used the 2nd hand Porsche Cup Michelin slicks all day and due to cutting the day short at 3pm for timed sessions i didn’t get a chance to get any laps in on the green Hankooks. My plan was to break out the Hankooks first thing on Sunday when the track was cool and really go for it. Having gotten my eye in the day before i was right on the gas from the first flying lap, pushing the car for all it was worth. As a result my first session saw a 1.04.08, a good start and .2 quicker than my best lap from the previous day but alas still .4 off my PB at Wakefield.

The second session was going to be my chance i was going to throw everything i had at it and ring the car’s neck well and truly. Pumping myself up to keep it pinned for longer through the kink, not brake before the back straight and really give it a good crack. Alas the track had heated up too much and whilst i pushed the car to it’s limit, a 1.03 was not to be, instead i did three 1.04s on the trot. The semis were going away as they are going to be my wets for upcoming racing events such as the NSW Sports Sedans at the end of the month so it was time to break out the slicks again. At any rate it was interesting to see the difference between the slicks and semis back to back.

Funnily enough Session 3, when the track was pretty much at it’s hottest, turned out to be my best session, my 2nd flying lap finally netting the much sought after PB of 1.03.54 followed by a 1.04.0000 the true meaning of a 1.04 FLAT! I smashed every ripple strip getting the car up on 2 wheels multiple times during the 1.03 lap, i don’t think i could have driven the car any harder in this session!

Meanwhile Roger Heard in the PRB clubman was silently stepping up his game, going from 1.06’s in the first session, to a high 1.04 in the 4th session. I started to get worried! But luckily the 1.03.5 was far enough ahead to maintain the top spot on the list.

It was a good day chatting with a few regulars like John street in the trusty Evo 3 and Chris Quick driving the MX5, both with new PBs, seeems it was a good day for PBs all round. John had his Evo 3 flying, doing multiple low 1.08’s an awesome result for an improved Production turbo car running a restrictor. A 1.08.11 and 7th outright had John right at the pointy end all day. Andrew Field was another SSCC member who stepped up to the plate, his evo 7 road rego’d car fairly mildly modified, pulling out the devils number with a 1.06.66! With this being only his 2nd time at Wakefield ever that is a scorching laptime and one i am sure he will improve with more track time there.

I have always said a PB and a straight car is the perfect result for a day at the track so i undertook the 4 hour drive home happy with the weekend’s results.

Results can be found here:

Hre are a few quick laps, these were done early in the day when i was scrubbing in some new Hankook semis. A nice drift around the back section on the first flying lap!

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