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Clean Sweep at debut MRA Super TT Race

Been a bit lazy so this just a little late!

My debut in the MRA series on 30th Oct 2011 was very successful, qualifying on pole and winning all 3 races! Can’t get much better than that.

MRA ( ) is a diversified race series run at Wakefield Park Raceway and Winton Raceway. There are classes for pretty much any spec car, from le mans type sports cars (Radical / Saker etc), Alfa’s, MX5s, min’s, superkarts, future racers and Super TT (Super Tin Top) cars. they have also recently introduced a Sports Sedan class which i will cdouble enter into next time.

The MRA events are quite laid back and very enjoyable with a good vibe all round, it was a very enjoyable day. The competitors are friendly and no racing for sheep stations so there are minimal accidents. Some competitors even drove their cars home!

I entered in the Super TT category and found competition with a range of different cars, from WRX’s to R32 GTR’s, Commodores, evos, a V8 powered RX7 (!), Peugeots, BMWs and all sorts of older cars, there was even a Mitsubishi 380!!

If you are keen to get involved in the MRA series check out their Facebook page here:!/groups/162097754330/

The SuperTT Facebook page is here:!/groups/173798645975601

Results are here for the day:

Videos: I have some video pointing back, all of the action was behind with cars biffing it out and sliding around! Apologies for the reflection in the vids.
Race 2:
Race 3:
Some footage of the super TT field (Group A):

Steve Anslow in his awesome V8 Powered Rx7, one of the best looking race cars going round and bloody quick too!
Steve Anslow v8 RX7 MRA Wakefield Park

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