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World Time Attack Challenge 2011 – The Sonic Evo Campaign

The 2011 World Time Attack Challenge aka Superlap was a fantastic event, hands down the best time attack event i have ever competed in to date. The quickest and most amazing cars from around Australia and the world converged on Sydney’s Eastern Creek Raceway for 2 full days of motorsport.

The people, weather, machinery, promo girls, being in the SSE garage, great track time and etiquette among drivers, PB, just all contributed to a very special weekend. With Hankook Tyres being a newly acquired sponsor i was located in the middle of the Hankook camp, bunking in the same garage as the Sierra Sierra Enterprises Evo which was one of the favourites to win the event. The SEE team is from Canada and is a highly professional operation, an ex Formula Atlantic race team and the car is driven by David Empringham, an Indy Lights champion. So we got to watch up close how it’s done at the highest level, time attack is becoming very serious, and big money these days.

The competition was super competitive with obscene budgets being bandied around. The level of modification, especially aero, was just amazing and a huge step up fom last tear where a splitter and a few canards was considered revolutionary…

The Sonic evo held it’s own and for what is a mildly modified production car, punched well above it’s weight with a new PB of 1.40.06.

Many thanks to my sponsors:
Hankook Tyres – for the amazing Z221 semi slick R-spec tyres. These are the best Rspecs i have ever used and my lap time at WTAC was quicker than my previous PB which was set on 2nd hand Michelin slicks!
V-Sport – Who came to the rescue with a new set of Pagid RS29 pads when i ran my RS19s almost down to the metal!
Kincumber Tyrepower – who swapped countless tyres on the rims in the lead up to WTAC
OTR Motorsports – Who assisted with well priced carbon fibre body panels and the awesome Rays 57D fluoro orange rims that make the car so recognisable
Dashsport – Who look after the car and ensure it performs flawlessly at every event i enter. I pushed the car harder than i ever have previously and it didn’t skip a beat for 3 full days and over 200L of e85 fuel worth of punishment!
Sonic Interactive – For giving me the time away from the office and the dollars to be able to blow on this crazy passion!

Also big thanks to Ben Perry for helping me out all weekend in the pits. Ben had the car refueled, pressures adjusted, oil topped up, tyre temps monitored as soon as i rolled into the pits, leaving me to concentrate on trying to squeeze extra tenths out of the car.

My final results are as follows:1.40.06 – so close to a 1.39!! Try as i might i could not crack a 39. I did about half a dozen laps within a couple of tenths of this time so a 39 has to be just around the corner.

I managed:
17th in Open class
34th Outright

Class Results here:
Natsoft results here:
Here is the Performance Box data file for my fastest lap: Superlap2011_MichaelHiscoe_Pbox_1.40.06


Photographer credits:
Kory Leung Photography:
The Lowdown:
Apex Photography:
Aaron Bondarenko: Click for Aaron’s facebook page

The Sonic Evo:
Sonic Interactive Evo 9 - WTAC 2011

Sonic Interactive Evo - WTAC 2011

Sonic Interactive Evo - WTAC 2011

Sonic Interactive Evo - WTAC 2011

Some of the Pro Class Cars:

Cyber Evo: Won the event with an amazing 1.28.8 laptime, quicker than any v8 supercar or sports sedan
WTAC 2011

Mark Berry’s R34 GTR, massive rear diffuser on his way to a PB of 1:31.90 and 6th outright
WTAC 2011

Earl Bamber drove the MCA Suspension S13 Silvia aka ‘the Hammerhead’. Some of the aero on the cars was bordering on rediculous, but it clearly worked to some degree with a 1:33.062 on it’s maiden outing.
WTAC 2011

The Pan Speed RX7 was back again this year although comparatively lacked the speed of the front runners with an 1:32.034 and 8th outright:
WTAC 2011

WTAC 2011

There were a few other big dollar entries but due to lack of pre event testing, weren’t in the frame:
WTAC 2011

WTAC 2011

Garage Revolution RX7, 3rd Outright
WTAC 2011

Mercury Motorsports R35, huge budget, carbon fibre weapon
WTAC 2011

Some of the Open Class Cars:
WTAC 2011

WTAC 2011

Nik Kalis in the Piazza Dora / IS Motor Racing Evo 9 put down a blistering 1.34.8 time, the clear winner in open class. This car is still street registered!
WTAC 2011

Used to be an E36 BMW:
WTAC 2011

This mental Civic with 400kw or something pipped my evo by 5 hundredths!
WTAC 2011

Even the Club Sprint cars were putting down some awesome times on street tyres:
WTAC 2011

Marek Tomaszewski won Clubsprint with a time of 1:42.4910 in his R35 GT-R
WTAC 2011

Some nice eye candy walking around too:

WTAC 2011

WTAC 2011


Sonic Interactive Evo quickest Lap:

Scortch Racing Silvia – this was one of the pro class cars and did a 1.31.x

Hankook Promo Vid:

Montage #1:

Random Spectator Vid:

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