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AASA NSW State Championships

The AASA NSW State champs were held on the weekend of June 1st and 2nd 2013. The excels were treated to practice, qualifying and 5 races, a huge weekend of racing.

We experienced every possible weather combination over the weekend which was to test all drivers. 8 excel competitors fronted up to the round which was to provide some great battles.

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NSW Excel Racing Championship

Inaugural NSW Excel Racing Race Meet

14th April 2013 saw the inaugural race meet at Wakefield Park as part of the popular MRA race series. All competitors were excited to see what these cars and themselves were capable of.

Qualifying was a mixed bag, Nathan Gotch, an experienced F3 pilot and state champion, barrelled out of the gates to post the fastest lap time, a 1.19.8, almost a full second quicker than 2nd placed Michael Hiscoe with a 1.20.7 and third placed John Gill a further 1.3 seconds behind, posting a 1.22.0. It was the first time behind the wheel for some competitors so they were finding their feet and getting used to the handling of the nimble little cars. Former HQ Holden steerer Ian Kegg qualified down the order but as the race results would later show, this didn’t represent his true speed.
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Out of the Evo into the Excel

You could call it a downgrade, i call it an interlude and a bit of cheap honest fun…

My wife just gave birth to our third child, we’re building a new business that’s consuming wads of cash so the evo is up for sale. Problem is i still need a motorsport hit, so what to do?

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The Facebook Algorithm; What’s it worth, a Squillion dollars? And what is it? Why are your posts not seen by all your friends?

I decided to write this blog post out of the blue after watching the movie ‘The Social Network’… maybe it was because i just got the screaming shits with the really annoying actor playing Mark Zuckerberg, i don’t even know the actor’s name but if Zuckerberg really is such a complete know it all, antagonistic, arrogant wanker then he can suck on my Facebook…

What is the Facebook Algorithm? It’s the thing that gets you hits on your posts, it’s the thing that decides which of your friends see your coveted posts and it’s the thing that decides more people should see your posts if you pay some money. It has to do with how much you comment and ‘like’ on your facebook, how much you don’t, which friends of yours you do like and comment on and which you don’t and how much each of them comment and like, in the end it’s just one big maths exercise.
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Victory at the 2012 Australian Evonationals

The Sonic Evo 9 GT has scored the coveted 1st outright position at the Australian Evonationals for the 2nd year on the trot. This year things were much closer with David spears just 2/1000ths of a second behind after adding the combined top times for the 4 events: Wakefield Sprint / 700m drag / Airport strip motorkhana / Wakefield Super Special Stage.

Going into the weekend i was worried whether the clutch and gearbox would last the event, the gearbox has been a bit notchy for a while and the clutch hasn’t been replaced since i bought the car, 2.5 years and over 30 events ago. with this in mind i went into the event with just two things in mind; to look after the car and to get a 1.02 at Wakefield.
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Debut NSW Sports Sedans outing for Evo 9

This was my first state championship and up against some of the most fearsome machines in Australian motorsport it was a little daunting. I can’t recall of another evo competing in sports sedans in NSW or any other state sports sedans comp recently so it was a little special to represent the evo fraternity and AWD enthusiasts at large.

The weekend started well, i spent only 3 x 20min sessions on track on Friday just making sure the car was ok and ready for competition, It went ok doing regular 1.41’s and 1.42s in moderate traffic.
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March supersprint Weekend – Part 2

This is Part #2 of my supersprint weekend. Part #1 can be read here.

Part 2 – Interclub Supersprint

Sunday was going to be my day, i was praying the rain would stay away to ensure i could scrub in a fresh set of Hankook semislicks and hopefully have a crack at that elusive PB. The previous day i had used the 2nd hand Porsche Cup Michelin slicks all day and due to cutting the day short at 3pm for timed sessions i didn’t get a chance to get any laps in on the green Hankooks. My plan was to break out the Hankooks first thing on Sunday when the track was cool and really go for it. Having gotten my eye in the day before i was right on the gas from the first flying lap, pushing the car for all it was worth. As a result my first session saw a 1.04.08, a good start and .2 quicker than my best lap from the previous day but alas still .4 off my PB at Wakefield.
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